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You may think that the happenings of a painting company aren’t anything to write home about, but you’d be wrong, sort of. Some fun and interesting things go on around VBP. Or maybe we just want to share some news with our community. This is where you can find those stories.  

Painted entryway in Holland residential home

Adding Value to your home

Sheen should be chosen based upon the type of room, surface, lighting, window position, performance expectations, and aesthetic preference. Different paint finishes have their advantages and best uses.

Saugatuck-Douglas Library

Tips on How to Maintain Your Newly Painted Home or Business

Maintaining the paintwork of our homes, schools, and offices keeps them looking attractive and clean. Not only does it make us feel good when we walk into a well decorated workspace, it helps us to feel inspired and makes us more productive.

The Vork Brothers Painting Mission, Vision & Values

As a painting company our underlying goal is to complete our projects efficiently and effectively while satisfying our customers. At Vork Brothers Painting we incorporate our company values in our daily actions to meet these goals.

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