Discover Your Home Exterior Color Personality with Our Quiz!

Discover Your Home Exterior Color Personality with Our Quiz!

Are you ready to give your home’s exterior a fresh new look but unsure which color palette suits your style best? Take our Color Personality Quiz to find out! Answer a few simple questions, and we’ll reveal the perfect color scheme to enhance your home’s curb appeal.

Once you’ve discovered your home exterior color personality, you’ll be one step closer to transforming your curb appeal! Use our recommended color palette as inspiration and contact us to bring your vision to life.

Question 1: Describe your ideal outdoor space.

a) Serene and tranquil, surrounded by nature

b) Cozy and inviting, perfect for gatherings

c) Bold and vibrant, making a statement

Question 2: What’s your preferred style of architecture?

a) Modern and minimalist

b) Classic and traditional

c) Eclectic and unique

Question 3: Which landscape feature appeals to you the most?

a) Lush greenery and gardens

b) Warm wooden accents and natural textures

c) Colorful flowers and striking focal points

Question 4: What’s your favorite outdoor activity?

a) Relaxing in a hammock or lounge chair

b) Hosting barbecues or outdoor dinners

c) Gardening and landscaping projects

Question 5: How do you envision your home standing out in the neighborhood?

a) Blending harmoniously with the surrounding environment

b) Adding warmth and charm to the street

c) Making a bold statement and catching everyone’s attention

Quiz Results:

Mostly A’s: Earthy

Embrace the natural beauty of your surroundings with earthy tones like warm browns, soft greens, and muted blues to create a peaceful atmosphere.

Mostly B’s: Timeless

Appreciate classic styles and timeless charm? Opt for traditional color palettes featuring shades of cream, taupe, and soft grays to achieve a welcoming and sophisticated look for your home.

Mostly C’s: Vibrant

Not afraid to make a statement? Bold and vibrant colors like rich reds, deep blues, and vibrant greens will add personality and flair to your property, ensuring it stands out from the crowd.

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