Training new Vork Brothers Painting team members
Here you can find information about our extensive training program for our employees here at Vork.

The Importance of Employee Training and Development

Learning to paint is like most things – you need experience to master whatever you are learning. You can watch videos, listen to podcasts, and watch someone do it themselves; however, until you get the hands-on experience you will not master painting, prep work, or anything else that applies to becoming a high level painter.

At Vork Brothers Painting we understand the importance of a training program starting from beginner painters to our more experienced painters. Twice a month for two hours each we come together as a company to learn specific tasks that apply to painting. As a result, whether it be simple tasks like sanding or taping to detailed items such as reading drawings, we catch all the details and ensure our employees know how to do them.

We launched this training program in June of 2020. And, after reflecting upon its creation, we realized how impactful it was on our business.

Four takeaways from investing into a training program:

  1. IT IS NOT EASY– Undoubtedly, training takes time, effort, and MONEY. But, it is important to block out the time and be CONSISTENT with it. Remember the reason you started the training program and keep that at the forefront.
  1. THINK FOR THE FUTURE– Training is a long-term solution to a problem most people are having right now: under-qualified employees. Obviously, there are other pieces that go along with keeping people around, but if you give your people the right resources to be successful, in the long term they will benefit the company and themselves.
  1. COMPANY CULTURE– Empower the people that work for you and create a company that individuals want to grow with, because with a strong company culture and strong company values, we can better serve our customers. Start with the core and it flows down into our everyday actions on the job and how we treat everyone we encounter.
  1. TEACHERS TEACH– Allow the people who are masters of the topic to teach it. This leads to employees becoming more involved in the trainings when they can teach their coworkers and it eliminates the need for outsourcing the training session.

There are so many reasons why training should be a part of your everyday business, these are just a few that stood out to us as we continue to develop our training program. As a growing business a huge part of continuous growth is giving your employees the necessary tools to flourish.

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