Can Your House Clean Itself?

It is common knowledge that maintaining the exterior of your home is important. While some reasons are more obvious than others, such as preventing water and UV damage, and refreshing the look of your home, there are many other excellent benefits as well!

Paint and stain technology has come a long way, and if your home hasn’t been painted in the last decade, not only is it likely looking faded by now but you are missing out on the latest benefits. Exterior products now have a strong resistance to UV damage and will appear crisp and vibrant longer than ever before. There are also additives that can help deter insects and resist mildew!

Does your house look dirty soon after washing? Now there is a self-cleaning exterior paint that rinses itself with every rain!

Finally, you have the interior of your home to consider as well. Loose joints, soft siding, and woodpecker damage can all be points of concern in such a wet and often cold climate. A good exterior paint job will address all of these concerns to make sure the inside of your house stays intact! 

When VBP paints your home, soft or rotted wood is addressed, bad joints are re-caulked, and woodpecker damage is patched to prevent water damage from occurring inside.

There are so many benefits that come with investing in the look and durability of your home. If you are considering a paint job this spring, I would love to get talk!

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