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As a painting company our underlying goal is to complete our projects efficiently and effectively while satisfying our customers. At Vork Brothers Painting we incorporate our company values in our daily actions to meet these goals.

The Vork Brothers Painting Mission, Vision & Values

Family Owned

Travis, Corey, and Shane started by doing the painting themselves in 2014 and have since grown the company to three divisions and over 40 employees.

The residential division is working direct to owner. Repainting the interior or exterior of a home, this could include walls, trim, or cabinets. Another sector is new builds, painting a newly constructed home.

In the industrial and commercial divisions, we are working typically working with a general contractor or a business owner to maintain facilities and keep up with a fresh look.

Each brother brings a unique skillset and they have learned to leverage their strengths and weaknesses.

Care for Community

As a growing company we want to continue to give back to the community – one way we plan to do this is to work with 1-2 not for profits each year to help maintain their facilities.

Next Month several employees are volunteering at Benjamin’s Hope, a nonprofit helping adults with autism. We will be helping them repaint their pergola at the entrance of the facility as well as repainting all the trim and doors on the activity center.

“Everybody has something unique they can do to give back to the community – ours is painting,” says Shane Vork, owner and TITLE. “We want to continue to work with local not for profits on helping them maintain their facilities so they can continue to do great things!”

Beyond volunteering, we are members of Michigan West Coast Chamber of Commerce, ABC (Associated Builders and Contractors), and HBA (Home Builders Association) in hopes to cultivate relationships with members of our community inside and outside of our industry.

Passionate Professionals

We proudly carry ourselves as passionate professionals, whether it is on site or not.

VBP puts employees first in every facet starting from HR. We offer health benefits, 401k match, and competitive pay. Further than that, we provide our employees with opportunities for growth within the company.

 “At VBP people come first,” says Camden Wilson, production manager. “Setting aside time monthly for training is something we believe will take us to the next level. Partnering with our suppliers and other experts in the industry have allowed for growth across the company.”

Twice a month we hold training and development workshops to become better, safer painters. Training topics range from various painting techniques to lift and ladder safety.  

Our company values shaped the foundation of this company and continually influence our daily decisions.

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