Tips on How to Maintain Your Newly Painted Home or Business

Maintaining the paintwork of our homes, schools, and offices keeps them looking attractive and clean. Not only does it make us feel good when we walk into a well decorated workspace, it helps us to feel inspired and makes us more productive. On the other hand, faded, cracked, or damaged paintwork can be distracting and dispiriting.

Maintenance is important and staying on top of it is cost effective. It is an investment, but well worth it in the long run. You hire a landscaper because you are busy. Weeks go by and the weeds are as thick as a forest. The longer you let it build up, the more it is going to cost. It is the same idea with hiring a painter.

Everyday wear and tear takes a bigger toll on the walls in your home than it may seem. Pets and kids are hard on your house. Your 2-year old is constantly ramming his toy trucks into the walls. Your cat scratches his back against the walls while your dog puts his paws up on another to stretch his back. The living room becomes their playground.

We suggest getting a fresh coat of paint on high traffic areas every 3-5 years. Paint the trim, walls, and ceilings of rooms you walk through and spend the most time in. Think entryways, stairways, corridor, bathrooms, and the main living area.

A fresh coat of paint can change the look of a room. It is an effective way to enhance the feel and purpose of any room in the house. If your personal preferences for decor have changed, painting the walls a different color can make a big difference. Paint provides endless opportunities to transform your home and stay up to date with the trends.

Living in West Michigan, we experience a variety of weather. From Lake effect snow to a hot summer sun, the four seasons are hard on the exteriors of our homes. Each season brings different challenges that we will discuss in further detail.

In the summer, the high temperatures can cause the paint to fade. Discoloring is an issue that can we avoided with consistent touchups. It is suggested that a painter be called every 2-5 years to touch up the exterior of your home.

In the winter, rain can freeze and get into the siding of your house. Once this happens, the siding begins to expand and crack.

The biggest issues in the spring and fall are moisture. When it rains, moisture is brought into the air that can create mold. Mold can hide in the siding of your house if not evaluated properly.

If you live on the lake, you should consider installing wood siding. It is vital to keep the surface protected. Wood siding should be power washed once a year and coated every 8-12 years, this helps maintain the integrity of the substrate.

The painting of our living and working spaces impacts our daily lives. A good paint job, interior and exterior, adds character and personality. Lastly, paint can serve as your home’s primary line of defense against weather, insects, and other damage. As any other type of home maintenance entity, it is essential to keep up on before it becomes too costly.

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