Vork brothers projects

Pillar Church

Pillar Church, located at the center of downtown Holland, recently finished up their 23,000 square foot renovation and addition. The new addition included classrooms, open community areas, new kitchen, all while contributing to the original architectural detail.
Words from Our Project Manager:
“It was a unique project from the start between the two different stains on the cathedral ceiling and trying to spray that in one uniform coat. A lot of the oak wainscotting was existing. We spent a few weeks sanding and stripping that old material off. GDK ended up replacing some of the oak pieces along with adding oak in other parts of the project with the new wood. The hard part of that was the difference from the original oak which we call old growth vs new growth which has a different grain pattern and takes stain differently. We ended up using two different stains for the oak to make them look the same. It was quite the extensive process but are happy with the results.”

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