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Are your home's cabinets in need of a facelift? Vork Brothers Painting can help. You don't need to replace your cabinets; we can paint them! Using the highest-quality paint, Vork Brothers Painting will paint your cabinets so you can fall in love with your home again.


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Here's why you should paint your home's cabinets


“Their work is out of this world good! Excited to use them for future house projects!”

- Marah G., Happy Customer

It Saves You Money

Cabinet painting an effective and affordable way to breathe new life to you home’s cabinets without a full remodel. A full cabinet remodeling project requires a significant financial investment, upwards of $30,000. Painting cabinets still gives you a dramatic result for a fraction of the cost.

It Adds Value to your home

Not only does painting your cabinets save you money, but research has proven it to be a valuable improvement to your home, providing a higher ROI compared to remodeling. Whether you’re in the market to sell your home or just want a new look, painted cabinets will make your space look nicer, more inviting and larger, improving both the marketability and the selling price of your home.

It Gives your home a fresh look

Time and time again we hear customers say that they like their cabinets, they just hate the color or want a more modern look. Painting your cabinets allows you to customize the look and style of your cabinets without the hassle of a renovation. 

It Protects your cabinets for years to come

Yes, painting your cabinets will give you a new look, but did you know it also will help protect and maintain the quality of your cabinets? Extend the life of your cabinets for years to come with our cabinet painting services.

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A variety of cabinet surfaces can be painted. Wood cabinets are ideal, but any surface that can be scuffed with sandpaper can be painted. Laminate cabinets can also e painted, but must be in good condition and require a special bonding primer. 

The length of the project will depend on a variety of factors. This may include the surface material, how many cabinets need to be painted, the type of finish requested, etc. For a time estimate, please request a quote here.

We use high-performance paint that is made specifically for your cabinets. 

Once your project is scheduled the process is as follows:

  1. We first remove all of the cabinet faces, hinges, and knobs/handles
  2. Then we prep of all surfaces that are not being painted to ensure they are protected.
  3. The cabinet faces are then brought to our finishing shop for sanding and an undercoat.
  4. The cabinet boxes receive sanding and an undercoat at job site, as well.
  5. Next, we sand and add a paint coating to the cabinet boxes and faces.
  6. Finally, once complete, we’ll re-mount the cabinet faces, clean up, and then close out the project.

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